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Real Estonian: pensionärid


Pensionärid - pensioners, Nominative Plural

kes - who? Nominative Singular

pensioni - pension, Partitive Singular

saate - you (plural) get

palju - how much / a lot

siis - then

reaalselt - really / actually

kogutud - collected (tud-Form of koguma)

teisest - out of case of “teine”, second “out of the second”

ja - “and”

kolmandast - out of case of “kolmas”, “out of the third”

sambast - sammas ~ pillar, “out of the pillar”

igakuiselt - every month (adverb)

pensioni - pension partitive singular

juurde - “into the root” (to)

saate? - you (plural) get


  1. Finding the main verb: juurde saate - “you all get extra”

  2. Who is the actor? - Pensionärid - “the pensioners”

  3. What do they get? palju pensioni - “how much pension”

  4. What kind of pension? “out of the actually collected second and third pillar”

  5. When? - “every month”

You pensioners, who are getting a pension, how much extra pension do you actually get from the second and third pillar every month?


kes, kelle, keda - who

igakuiselt - every month (adverb)

koguma, koguda, kogub, kogutud - to collect