Puzzled by Estonian?

I’m here to help!

I taught myself Estonian all the way from ordering a dictionary on Amazon and learning grammar from Wikipedia to passing the highest-level language exam.

While doing that I started learning “difficult” languages like Russian, Hungarian, Greek, and Mandarin.

Combined with 7 years of Classical Latin in school, I learned one important thing:

Understanding the structure of language makes learning almost effortless.

Decode Estonian, build a foundation

Estonian has a reputation for being a language that is hard to learn.

The truth is, every language is “hard” and “easy” to learn, depending on what you know already.

If you have a foundation of how languages are structured, picking up another one is really easy:

  • grasping the important 80% of the grammar will take you a day,

  • making sense of all kinds of inputs becomes much easier as a result.

My mission is to build a useful model of language in people’s minds, so that language learning becomes easy.

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